Lawyer immigration: how to choose a professional?

Choosing a professional lawyer on immigration issues, you need to consider several factors. The presence of many years of work experience is the first requirement, and many years of practice exclusively in the field of immigration law is an advantage. Lawyers with a wide range of activities are unlikely to have more experience in addressing immigration issues than highly specialized lawyers.

Experience is not the number of years from the date of obtaining a license for the provision of such services. The lawyer could pass the licensing exam and practice for many years, arguing about the presence of a ten-year experience in addressing a specific issue. Check out these data is not possible - only in rare cases, a lawyer will be assigned the status "inactive" if he has not paid the annual fee to the bar. In all other situations in the information sources listed only the date of the passing of the licensing exam and the availability of disciplinary sanctions.

To assess the time management practices can be based on the number of cases which led a lawyer, but not years of receipt of permission to conduct this activity. In the field of law, there are two types of assistants - specializing in immigration through family or through employment. Having defined with specific assistant, you need to check its experience of participation in court hearings and deportation hearings.

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